Best Juicer On The Market

Juicing is considered as a healthy habit. When it comes to juicing or consuming raw fruits generally, the advice will be to eat fruits. The main reason for this is in the juicing process, we lose many of the nutrition available in the fruits.

There are many juicing machines coming up with new technologies to preserve as much nutrition as possible to get the whole benefit from the fruits.

Juicing Machines:

Juicing machines are classified into three categories.
1. Centrifugal.
2. Masticating.
3. Hydraulic Press.

Centrifugal juicer like Hamilton-Beach, Breville spin to yield juice. The problem with this is it creates tremendous oxidation during the process. It also removes a significant amount of nutrition available in the fruit. This is the worst kind of juicing process.

Omega, Champion are masticating juicer use an auger to extract juice from the pulp. The pulp stays longer in the auger makes the juice over processed. Even though it preserves more nutrition value relative to centrifugal juicer, masticating juicer fail to preserve the complete nutrition of a fruit.

The third is the combination of the above two. Dr. Norman W. Walker, the Guru of Juicing is one of the first men who realized the benefits of juicing in a way that preserves all the precious healing enzymes and nutrients. He created Norwalk Juicer.

In Norwalk, a vortex cutter cut the fruit first then the hydraulic press extracts the nutrition from the pulp provided by the cutter. Norwalk makes sure there is no nutrition left out in the pulp.

In the end, the pulp and the juice are not separable. The nutrition from the fruit is completely taken out. This is the best form of juicing.


The better juicer is the hydraulic press juicer. The reason behind juicing is to take more nutrition in the condensed form. If we lose that nutrition in the juicing process, the goal is defeated. Hydraulic press juicer preserve the precious nutrition available in the fruit. So it’s the better option among other juicer available on the market.