Advantages Of Choosing The Right Breast Augmentation San Diego Surgeon

Saline Filled Silicon Breast Implants

Women that have structural problems with their breast feel that breast enhancement is the road to gain an attractive figure. With more and more women in San Diego putting their trust in plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, breast augmentation is the second most popular plastic surgery option after liposuction. The high success rate has forced San Diego women to opt for breast augmentation. The procedure involves using breast implants inside the breast to obtain the desired results. The breast implants used by breast augmentation San Diego surgeon are instrumental in creating the right shape and size without hampering the breastfeeding mechanism. The outer breast is made firmer using silicone and the inside is filled with silicone gel or saline water depending on what the breast surgeon has opted in your case.

In most cases, a breast surgery lasts for more than ten years. So the candidate can enjoy the newly formed breasts and enhance physical appearance for almost a decade. The implants are divided into three types. Saline implants that is loaded with saline solution that is sterile. The saline solution is held in an elastomer silicone shell. The amount of saline solution filled can vary depending on the shape and firmness required. The best part is that in case of a leak, the solution is absorbed by the body and expelled naturally. Silicone implants contain silicone gel that is confined in an elastomer silicone shell similar to saline implants. Silicone gel that leaks will stay in the shell. In some cases, it can escape into the pockets of the breast implant. Wherever the gel is collected the shape of the implant remains intact. Therefore, there will no need to worry regarding a collapse.

Silicone gel regular checkups are suggested to ensure the activity of the silicone gel. This is determined using an ultrasound or MRI scan. Despite the FDA recommending regular checks for those patients that use silicone gel implants, the fact remains how effective is MRI scan for those women that consider silicone implants. The latest advancement in science has resulted in the use of semi-solid gel that completely eliminates leaks from silicone gel, therefore reducing the chance of spreading to other parts of the body. This has given relief to those women that opt for silicone gel over the saline solution. Some of the other fills used in the implants include polypropylene string or soy oil.

Recovery after surgery is quick and in most cases eventless. The anesthesia wears away and the patient is administered painkillers. This can help get relief from pain. At least for six weeks after surgery the women should not indulge in rigorous physical activities. Some exercises are suggested after the operation. This can allow the women to flex their arms that can provide relief from any pain or inconvenience. The surgeon may call back to remove the sutures or in some cases dissolving sutures are used. Moreover, the surgeon also suggests what type of bra to wear after the surgery. Some of the risk and complications involved in breast augmentation surgery include painful breasts, bleeding, infection, hardening around the implants leading to shape distortion, fluid accumulation, reddening of the scars among others.