Complete Primer To Power Tower

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Needs vary from person to person and finding the best equipment for your needs among the different options is a must. You should think about a couple of things before you purchase a power tower.
Decide on how much you can afford in buying fitness equipment. Most of the power towers range from $100. You should see to that your fitness needs to align with the price you pay. Don’t buy a cheap power tower and then regret that you would have bought a better model paying a little extra.
Do some research on the different models available and make a comparison on which one would suit you. You can further check the customer reviews to know the pros and cons of previous owners.

You can’t have a fitness equipment without occupying at least a little space, but few occupy more space that the others. Before purchasing measure the amount of space you have to place the machine and based on that you can decide the power tower. This way you need not worry about where to put the power tower after buying them.

Power towers are usually versatile and flexible, but a few power towers have more options and pieces when compared to others. Check on the power towers which has more flexibility when compared to the ones who have fewer choices.

Making the best use of power towers
Power towers or captain chair or knee raise station is a standing exercise machine. It is mainly used at home or by people who don’t have much time to go to the gym.
The primary goal of power tower is to strengthen the upper body muscles like shoulders, neck, and torso. Without using different machines, you can do a variety of exercises on a single machine.
This looks like an easy to use the machine, but sometimes it is quite challenging to do few exercises in them. The rectus abdominals are not usually strong for people who have more belly fat which can be toned with the hanging knee raise exercise.

Your body weight should be more than enough to perform the exercises in a power tower but if you wish you can add more dumbbells and weights. You can lose more calories and can firm the muscles in a less period.

Once you have strengthened your upper body muscles, then you start working on your cardio with this machine. By doing the same exercises repeatedly and by increasing the counts every week, you will increase your cardiovascular activity.