Liposuction NYC Clinic Can Give You The Results You Expect


Do you crave for a perfect body? Have you tried weighting loss programs and exercising routines but in vain? The right option for you would be liposuction. It can help get the perfect body contours that every woman urges. Liposuction can remove the unwanted fat deposits from the body. Some of the common areas where liposuction is performed are arms, neck, belly, hips, love handles, buttocks, calves, thighs, knees, and ankles. Liposuction once considered a taboo has become a common procedure with success rates high and safety features being adapted. Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure and statistics have it that it is among the top five surgical procedures with an increase of 16.3% in the year 2013. The figures are high in NYC as well. This is reason for more number of liposuction NYC clinics burgeoning by the day.

Suction assisted lipoplasty (SAL) is a standard liposuction method that can be performed using ultrasonic energy that helps in breaking down excessive fat from the body. This is a popular method for people who have already undergone liposuction and for those with low skin elasticity. Power assisted lipoplasty is also practiced where a cannula is used that vibrates melting excess fat. Liposuction is done using a laser to provide the same results that can be accomplished using ultrasonic energy. Laser beams are passed to melt the fat before removal.

During your initial consultation, it is best to identify your goals and discuss the surgery process with your physician. Since there are many liposuction methods, the surgeon will suggest the most appropriate after analyzing your medical history, body condition and goals. Procedures like SAL, VASAR ultrasound, assisted liposuction and power assisted liposuction will be suggested. For some, a single treatment process is recommended and for yet others a combination of processes are suggested. This again depends on the skin elasticity and fat deposits.

Liposuction in most cases is an outpatient procedure. Of course, local anesthesia is used to reduce the recovery time. Many surgeons feel that general anesthesia provides greater comfort and safety. This is the most effective for all treatment areas. After the anesthesia is given, a wetting solution is applied, and an incision made. A cannula is inserted and then treatment methods like VASER or PAL are used to break the fat. Then the excess flab is removed. After surgery compression garments are used for weeks. The treated area will be bruised and swollen during the postoperative period. The recovery will happen in three weeks time. This again depends on the patient’s medical condition and the ability to respond to medication.

Recovery is quick and patients can resume normal activities in three weeks including exercise routine. The pain and discomfort are nothing when compared to the final result. With all bruises and marks disappearing, you will realize how light your body feels after a few weeks of surgery. Do not expect to see results the day you are out of the operation theatre. The fluids injected into your body before the procedure may make you feel heavy but this is only temporary, and you will see astonishing results very soon.