4 Signs of Mold Invasions: Finding Hidden Mold in Your House

Mold can cause a many problems to humans, not only buildings but also people’s health and minds. To protect you and your home from this villain, you should know if there is any mold in your place and get rid of it immediately. It’s easy to find visible mold, but what about the invisible?

You can check if there is mold growing hidden in your home by noticing these signs.

Allergic Symptoms

If you feel hard to breathe and have allergic symptoms when you are at home while feeling better when you go out, there may be mold growing somewhere in your home. Common allergic reactions to mold include sore eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

Toxic Symptoms

Mold can harm you more seriously by producing toxic that cause you have neurological symptoms. For example, trouble in concentrating, headaches, memory loss, shortened attention span and dizziness.

Mycotoxins such as ochratoxins and aflatoxins from toxic mold can have severe mental effects on humans and cause their lives suffered so much. If you notice one of the above neurological symptoms, you may be poisoned by toxic mold.

Smelling mold odors

As your home looks clean and beautiful, don’t you think it is sanitary and has no micro-organism. It looks like that, but if you can smell mold odors, it’s the great evidence that there is mold growing hidden in your place. Don’t ignore it; Inspect your place thoroughly or you may have to say “hello” to a great amount of mold army later.

Moisture problems

Wherever has moisture, there has mold. If your home has moisture problems such as water strains or discoloration on walls, ceiling or floors, there might be mold in your home. Surface abnormalities like bubbling, peeling and cracking of wallpaper are also great signs that your place is facing moisture problems. If your walls are bulging, warped or bowed, it could mean moisture has gotten into them leading to mold growth – and you should take care of these problems as soon as possible.

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