Ways To Know Your Relationship Is Working Towards A Marriage

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When it is time to settle down, it is time you take a relationship seriously. You will like to do more than just dating each other and give marriage a real thought. Not all relationships end in a marriage. How to find out if this the relationship will transform into a marriage? Well, this is no rocket science. All you have to do is if the both of you are on the same boat. A man who really loves you will make this more precise. There are some simple ways to find out if it is moving towards marriage or it is just a relationship to fade away. Here is a simple guide to solve all your relationship problems, http://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/guide/7-relationship-problems-how-solve-them

Communication is the key
First find out what men want in a woman. For this communication is the key. The man you love will never want to leave a communication gap. He will be constantly in touch with you to find out what is happening in your life. There will hardly be days you do not hear from him. Moreover, it will not be you who is starting a contact all the time. He will greet you regularly, text you during the day and ends it with a good night. This goes to prove is committed to you.

Concern has to be mutual
Concern for each other has to be mutual. If you have to remind the person to give you quality time or keep up with commitments, then that person may not be the right one for you. If he is serious about the relationship, he would always keep you on his radar.

You are always special
If you are serious with a relationship and want to convert the dating into marriage, then it is time you give it some serious thought. A man in a serious relationship with you will not lose his nerves on dating you solely. Moreover, he will not see other women without your knowledge.

The future talk
After a few dates and considering the magnanimity of the relationship, it is time to think where the relationship is headed. Talk to him on what he would want to be in the next few years. Ask him about his career goals, family commitments, kids, etc. If it is a casual relationship, he will not be willing to disclose these details to you. Moreover, he can throw similar questions at you.

Introduction to family and friends
If you are family with his family and friends then you got a serious relationship here. If he did not bother to introduce people that matter to him until now, then take it as a caution. He may not be a marriage material for you.

Discuss about career and life ambitions
Many marriages fall apart because the couple did not bother to discuss about their life’s goals and ambitions. You should always have an understanding spouse who can be part of your career growth. See how accommodating each other are. If he allows you to dream big, then take the decision.

Talk marriage
The ‘m’ word will no more be uncomfortable, if you are serious about the relationship turning into marriage. They will not hesitate to discuss about marriage. Even the time frame on when to bring up the topic will be discussed. If the person you are in a relationship constantly talks about marriage that could only mean that he is going to surprise you with a ring one day.