Amazing texture packs in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.3.1 TOTAL 2012

Are you bored of seeing the same color graphics all the time when playing Minecraft? Then, use Minecraft texture packs that are downloadable from the internet. The texture pack is the collection downloadable files that will change the textures of GUI’s, mobs and stone blocks in the game. It will be available normally as Zip files containing many PNG images. Texture packs are supported by all the versions of Minecraft.
It is not necessary as the Minecraft game does not it and you can also play the game for completely free of cost. Try Minecraft For Free by creating the Minecraft account. The Minecraft will give the right to access the beta classic version of the game. The texture pack provides new look and style to the game.
You can also get the Minecraft texture packs in Minecraft wiki. Here, you can get verified packs and links to the texture packs in the forum. Some of the best texture packs are given below.
The more advanced texture pack is Pure BD Craft. It supports to redo many things like reskinning the mobs. It is noticed by many players because it the complete pack with all the advanced features.
To get the homestead style in Minecraft, you need to use Ovo’s Rustic Packs. You can see the world spreading with wild grass everywhere, and the stone blocks look medieval. The original look of playing Minecraft is retained in the game.
If you like to play the game in scientific fiction style, then you can choose Glimmer’s Steam Punk. This will give a completely new look to the game icons.
The last texture pack is Photo Realism. It is an HD texture pack which will change the game look in a realistic way. It will provide you more videos and screenshots than the real Minecraft game.