Things To Know Before Buying A Welding Helmet

helmetWelding helmets are protective gear to shield the eyes and face from the rays released from the welding arc. Apart from shielding from the harmful rays, it is also useful in protecting your eyes and face from any other specks while wielding. Like any other protective gear, some provide more protection from others. When you plan to buy a welding helmet clicking here will give you detailed information on the build quality of the helmet. Choose a product that will protect not only you but also one that lasts long. You can visit to know more about the health hazard of not using a good helmet.

To choose a helmet, here are a few things to take into account.

Check the safety standards of the helmet
Welding helmets should meet the safety level of the location you stay in, meeting the standards ensures greater protection to eyes from the high infrared and UV rays emitted from the welding arc. Welding helmet will take the impact off from the particles that fly from the welding arc.

Reaction time of the lens
Take a careful look at the lens used in the welding helmet. The response time of the lens is the time adopted by the lens to become dark when the arc is detected. A Higher reaction time of the lens will reduce the effect of UV rays on your eyes and also reduces its fatigue.

Size of viewing
Depending upon the kind of welding you do, chose the viewing size. For a light duty work, a display size of 6sq is adequate

Based on the number of sensors in the welding helmet, the coverage varies. A welding helmet with two sensors is enough for small jobs that you want to do at home, but a minimum of 4 sensors is needed if you want to use it for industrial purposes.

Sensitivity control
Buy a type of welding helmet that gives you adjustable sensitivity control. Depending on the welding you do, it adjusts the brightness.

Delay control
This feature allows you to set the how long the lens can remain dark. It is particularly useful if you are welding at high temperatures and the metal you are welding may take longer to cool and hence may emit dangerous UV rays longer

Choose a helmet that you are comfortable in, buying a low weight helmet will be more comfortable and less strenuous on your head and neck.

Power source
Welding helmets come in 2 types, replaceable battery and support for solar energy assist and non-replaceable battery and a solar support. The advantage of using the replaceable battery with solar support is that if the battery is down in the middle of work you can replace it with another one. The battery options available are lithium and AAA. Lithium runs longer, but costs more and AAA battery costs less and less run time. In the non-replaceable type, if the welding helmet runs out of power, you have to recharge it under the sun.

While buying a welding helmet, consider the above points and make a decision which you will not regret later.